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Looking for God in Harry Potter
Author: John Granger
Genre: Religious/Literary Nonfiction

Looking for God in Harry Potter

Description from publisher's website (Zossima Press):

"Answers to the Burning Questions Christian Parents, Educators, and Others Are Asking about Harry Potter.

Millions of children, even Christian children, are reading the mega-selling Harry Potter book series and are exposed to the Harry Potter movies. John Granger, a devout Christian, teacher of classic literature, and father of seven children, first read the Harry Potter books so he could explain to his children why they weren't allowed to read them. After intense study, however, he became convinced that the books are underestimated as literature--and reflect important Christian truths. In Looking for God in Harry Potter, Granger gives parents and teachers a roadmap for using the Harry Potter books to teach Christian truth to children."

John continues his literary and spritiual discussion of Harry Potter on his blog:

Webmaster's Notes: I haven't read John Granger's book, but I've exchanged e-mails with him and have started reading his blog. He's a brilliant man who takes an English Professor's approach to Harry Potter. Sometimes that approach gets a bit overwhelming, and I think he stretches some of his parallels too far. But it is all interesting reading.

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