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Webmaster's Apology: 1/11/08

With the last book out now, there's so much to cover, discuss, and update. Unfortunately other projects have consumed much of my time. I encourage you to check out the websites and groups on our links page, until I'm able to devote proper time to updating this website.

I'm both disappointed and fascinated by the last two books in the Potter series. From a writing standpoint, I think they were rushed and didn't quite hold up to the level of quality displayed in the first 5 books. The subject matter moves the series more firmly into the realm of Young Adult fiction. However, as Young Adult fiction, the Harry Potter series offers so many wonderful launching points for very serious discussions about faith, and I hope parents/adults will use the opportunity to connect with their older children/teens/young adults through those discussions.

The more I've read, studied, and observed, I can not deny there is an increasing interest in witchcraft and mysticism in our culture. I think it's unfair to lay the blame for this all at Harry Potter's feet. The series is only a small part of many contributing factors. I encourage everyone to practice discernment reguardless of what they're reading, and try to see this increasing interest as an opportunity rather than a threat. So many people seeking a rich spiritual life is a fertile soil for planting the seeds of God's truth.

Featured Sites/Articles

Off site: "Is Harry Potter the Son of God?" editorial by Abigail BeauSeigneur on the popular mainstream Harry Potter website

Off site: has been very active the last few weeks. Lots of great new articles to read and listen to. Particularly good for news style updates.

Off site: Hogwarts Professor John Granger's blog has lots of new essays with predictions and analysis in this week leading up to the Deathly Hallows release.

Off site: Johnny at Behold a Pheonix has been busy commentating on the secular vs. Christians themes debate which is cropping up around this last book release.

Ready to join the discussion? Submit your work and/or ideas to one of these categories.

The Good...and the Bad This is for essays on any issue covered by the Harry Potter Series. The essays can be on any topic from witchcraft to drug use to the portrayal of love or any social/religous issue you can think of. We are looking for essays both about HP's positive effects in the these areas AND essays on points that make you uneasy.

Religious Leaders Say If anyone has good research skills, we want to collect quotes made by religious leaders in regards to Harry Potter. Again, can be positive or negative. We think people will respect this site more if it's balanced. Please see section for full quote submission form.

Reviews This is the big one. We want to collect 5-10 well thought out and well written reviews on each Harry Potter book and film. Specifically looking for things that deal with age appropriateness, issues/moments/passages that might concern parents, and positive messages/quotes. You can certainly make comments about the quality of the book/film as well.

We also want reviews for books ABOUT Harry Potter, particularly ones with a religious slant, whether for or against HP...both exist.

Recommendations This sections serves two pruposes. First, to recommend non-Harry Potter Books for Reading and second for ideas on how to discuss Harry Potter and surrounding issues in a way that is glorifying to God.

Testimonies Christianity is not a dead religion. We have a live and active God who can use all things to His Glory. If you have a story about how God has used Harry Potter to give you a spiritual insight, please share. Or if you had a spiritual crisis concerning HP and have come through it, please share this as well.

Links: We have mugglenet, the official HP site, JK Rowlings site, Tom Felton's site, and The HP Lexicon...mainly we're looking for actors personal sites and major HP fan sites (no fanfic at the moment, that's a different animal). I currently have four categories.

Kid friendly (8-12), Teen friendly(13-17), Christian Harry Potter Sites, and Christian Harry Potter Communities

If you have ideas but aren't up to writing out articles, go ahead and send us your ideas, and they may be integrated into the website:

Disclaimer: This website does not represent Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, any publisher or religious organization. We are simply Christians and fans who want to provide useful information and discussion on the topics of and surrounding Harry Potter.