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For the purposes of this page "kids" are 8-12 years of age, "teens" are 13-17. We have no control over the content of these websites, so keep in mind that these are general guidelines based on our experience with the website in question.

Kids Friendly Links - The official Warner Bros. Movie Site - The official website of J.K. Rowling author of the Harry Potter books. - The Harry Potter Lexicon. A wealth of information on the Harry Potter universe, well researched and organized. - The official website of Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

Links - The Leaky Cauldron. A large fan run site with news on the Harry Potter books and movies. - Started by a highschool student (who is now in college). Mugglenet is one of the largest Harry Potter fansites on the internet. - Fansite with Harry Potter news, forums, galleries, etc.

Links - Blog of John Granger author of Looking for God in Harry Potter. - a section on the website of Connie Neal, author of What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter? and The Gospel According to Harry Potter, with a list of articles dealing with religion and Harry Potter. - Blog for "A Christian's look into Harry Potter [books] and the virtues found in them." - Blog dealing with the symbolism and meaning in Harry Potter for Christians. - A Blog and podcast, this one dealing more with the rumor mill, news, and speculation. - "The Secrets of Harry Potter" a podcast series dealing with the mythological origins and Christian themes in Harry Potter.

Christians and Harry Potter - a livejournal community for Christian Harry Potter fans, more informal open discussion for all things Christian and/or Harry Potter.

Harry and The Potter - a livejournal community for more scholarly Christian Harry Potter discussion. Moderated Membership.

Links - A good resource. Provides several searchable translations of the Bible.

The Unbound Bible - Another searchable Bible site offering translations in many languages. This one allows for the side-by-side viewing of up to four texts. Other tools provided for translation assistance. - Christians in the gaming community have faced a lot of the same issues that Christians in the Harry Potter community do. So the site maybe worth checking out...and they have forums. - Site dedicated to debunking myths and stereoypes about the Goth community and the Christians in it.

Disclaimer: This website does not represent Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, any publisher or religious organization. We are simply Christians and fans who want to provide useful information and discussion on the topics of and surrounding Harry Potter.