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"Equus: Yes, Dan Is A Sinner, But Then So Are We."

By Carla Lute (Webmaster)

Originally I had no intention of making any comments about Daniel Radcliffe's decision to act in the stage play Equus. I believe this is a single actorís decision and not directly linked to issues of Harry Potter. However, it seems to be the first question that comes up when I introduce the site concept to people who arenít already deep in the Harry Potter fandom, so I feel I need to address the matter briefly.

Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter. He is not owned by J.K. Rowling or by Warner Brothers. He is an actor hired to play Harry Potter. They did not encourage him to take this stage role, but nor have they criticized him for it.

I can understand why Dan wanted to take on this role. Heís trying to avoid being typecast, which is important for a young actor hoping for a long career. He chose to take the lead of a disturbed young man in Equus, because itís so different from his role as the heroic and almost squeaky clean Harry Potter.

I do not support Danís decision. I think Equus is a disturbing and vulgar play, and I donít like nudity in general. I think Dan could have found another role to avoid typecasting. I find it somewhat worrisome that other actors who seem very uncomfortable with the play are putting aside their own reservations to support Danís decision. I believe this unwillingness to criticize or disagree is just as unhealthy as being too quick to judge.

However, I do appreciate that for many of them Dan is a friend and colleague. They want to support him, and itís taboo in current Hollywood circles to publicly criticize fellow actors while working on a project with them. This is preferable to constant bickering and criticism, but I hope in the future society will find a compromise between the two extremes.

I saw an interview with Daniel Radcliffe where he told the interviewer that he was not a religious person but that he didnít think he was a sinner. (Today Show on Channel 9 in Austrialia, December 2006)

Chances are Dan, like so many others, is confusing the word ďsinĒ with active evil. When we speak of evil, we often think of a malicious intent. This sort of active evil is certainly sin, however it is not the full extent of what sin means. Sin is an old archery term that means to ďmiss the markĒ. To be a sinner, simply means that we have fallen short of moral perfection.

So, yes, Dan is a sinner, but then so am I. Likely so are you. We have all ďmissed the markĒ at one point or the other. We do not have to agree with Danís decision. Iím certainly not planning to see or support Equus. However, Iím not going to say any ill words about Dan or refuse to see films or plays he is in that I do find acceptable.

Jesus told us to love even our enemies, and Dan is not an enemy. Heís simply a young actor, who (in my opinion) is making a mistake in his acting career.

Disclaimer: This website does not represent Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, any publisher or religious organization. We are simply Christians and fans who want to provide useful information and discussion on the topics of and surrounding Harry Potter.