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What is the purpose of this website?

Our Mission Statement sums it up. But beyond that this site has a three fold purpose. One, to debunk some of the more outlandish and insubstantial claims some people have made against Harry Potter in the name of Christianity. If you want to object to the series, that's fine, but bearing false witness to do so is not. Two, to act as an easily accessible guide to parents and curious Christians who want to learn more about the books before trying them or deciding whether to suggest them to their children. Three, to give Christians who are also Harry Potter fans a place to express themselves.

Who is "we"?

At the moment "We" is being used in the royal sense. The webmaster is a twenty-six year old Christian with a B.S. in Mass Communications and goes by the name of Carla Lute. We hope however that this site will express the thoughts and opinions of many Christians in the near future.

Should I check this site for the latest Harry Potter news and information?

No, we are by no means a news site, and we have a very narrow focus. You are better trying one of the websites on our links page for the latest Harry Potter news.

How do I submit something?

You can e-mail submissions to this address:
Or post them on the Christian Harry Potter fans Live Journal Community. Read this post and you can reply to it without joining the community.

What Denomination is this website?

This website is non-denominational. You may notice a bit of a Protestant slant, but maybe not. We do believe in the Bible, and that the original text was God inspired. If you want to argue a point on this site, the more you can quote the Bible to back up your position, the more likely we are to respect it.

Where's that little button that says 'donate here'?

We don't want your money. We're not trying to sell you a book. We don't care if you buy any books. Honestly, we don't even care if you read or like Harry Potter. (But enough people do, we thought it was worth discussing.) We got a good web deal that's allowing us to run this site practically for free, all work and articles are volunteer. We suggest giving your extra money to something more important like starving orphans or literacy funds. If God's really encouraging you to support us financially, you can contact us through the same e-mail address you use to submit essays...but we'd rather have a related essay.

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Disclaimer: This website does not represent Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, any publisher or religious organization. We are simply Christians and fans who want to provide useful information and discussion on the topics of and surrounding Harry Potter.